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Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

Hi there people! If you're interested in a custom pony, whether its one of the mane 6, a background pony, or your own OC, I'd be more than happy to help you out!

Below is a list of what I ask for to complete a commission.

Canon Ponies

Rainbow Dash cutie mark (small) by shearx Rainbow Dash: $65
     - Folded wings: add $5
Fluttershy cutie mark (small) by shearx Fluttershy: $60
     - Folded wings: add $5
Twilight Sparkle cutie mark (small) by shearx Twilight Sparkle: $65
Rarity cutie mark (small) by shearx Rarity: $70
Applejack cutie mark (small) by shearx Applejack: $60
Pinkie Pie cutie mark (small) by shearx Pinkie Pie: $60

Big Macintosh cutie mark (small) by shearx Big Machintosh: $60
Derpy Hooves cutie mark (small) by shearx Derpy Hooves: $60
Daring Do cutie mark (small) by shearx Daring Do: $80
      No Hat: subtract $10
Spitfire cutie mark (small) by shearx Spitfire (no uniform): $70
      Uniform: add $10

Cutie Mark Crusaders patch (small) by shearx Cutie Mark Crusaders*: $100
     Sweetie Belle

Princess Celestia cutie mark (small) by shearx Princess Celestia: $150
S1 Princess Luna cutie mark (small) by shearx Season 1 Princess Luna (small)**: $85
S2 Princess Luna cutie mark (small) by shearx Season 2 Princess Luna: $150
Nightmare Moon cutie mark (small) by shearx Nightmare Moon: $185
Princess Cadance cutie mark (small) by shearx Princess Cadance: $150
     - Flowers not included (this pic was a special commission)

* CMC's are sold as a set, and are not available separately. In addition, availability is limited dependent upon set availability in the store.

** The Luna pictured was an early work, and will turn out slightly different depending on your specific requests.

OC Ponies and those not listed above:

Base price: $70

Male pony: add $5
Tucked-wing pegasus: add $7
Alicorn: add $10
Large pony (e.g. Celestia, Luna, Cadence, etc): Decided during quote

Decorations (i.e. extra bows, misc additions to hair, etc): provided with quote

In USA: $5
Outside USA: $12

All customs I make are individual works of art, and in almost all cases will be hand painted in one way or another. As i am not a perfect painter, there will be some degree of human error and some paint lines may not be perfectly straight, or may be imperfect in some way or another.

Every custom, even those of the same character, will be slightly different, from individual coloring to shapes of the mane and tail.

I strive to make things as accurately as I possibly can, but there will always be some degree of difference.

If you're interested, please send me a note.

Current commission queue:
1: :icondaisukewinter: :: Rainbow Dash & Applejack

On Hold:

Completed Commissions:
1: :iconfreyera: :: Spa Ponies
2: :iconmurdoc1905: :: Poy (OC)
3: :icondiablogamer: :: Season 2 Princess Luna
4: :iconhiten-no-rurouni: :: Featherstrings (OC)
5: :iconsuikuzu: :: Candy Star (OC)
6: :iconnoelanilissome: :: Princess Cadance
7: :iconmochadelight: :: Mocha Delight (OC)
8: :iconmochadelight: :: Citrus Tang (OC)
9: :iconevenstar: :: Fluttershy (mane/tail ONLY)
10: :icongoldenphi: :: Big Macintosh
11: :iconkathygirl2: :: Kathy (OC)
12: :iconlowes48: :: Twilight Sparkle
13: :iconkathygirl2: :: Jackair (OC)
14: :iconravager0926: :: Fluttershy
15: :iconcraftyshadow: :: Daring Do
16: :iconvividorchid: :: Orchid Serenade (OC)
17: :iconwthplz: (no DA acc) :: Sweetie Blue (BB)
18: :iconlowes48: :: Rainbow Dash
19: :icondarkwolf6090: :: Nightmare Moon
20: :iconravager0926: :: Fluttershy (mane/tail only)
21: :iconkaze1121: :: Sage Quill (OC)
22: :iconsundropxx: :: Spitfire (no uniform)
23: :icondaisukewinter: :: Rainbow Dash & Applejack
24: :iconlowes48: :: Twilight Sparkle
25: :iconviking38: :: Twilight Sparkle & Fluttershy
26: :iconwolftalon12: :: Rainbow Dash
27: :iconlykaios-avery: :: Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, & Princess Celestia

Frequently Asked Questions:
yea I accidentally deleted the last bit of this post.. I'll add this again later... =[

If you're interested in a commission, or have need of a quote, please send me a note!


Jeremy Drake
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Just your average guy.. well, probably a bit more lazy than average, but w.e..

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hey I have some ponys which the hair got so messed up that I cut it off and wish to give them sculptured hair 

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Lykaios-Avery Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
So, I posted an in-progress photo of the majority of the ponies that I'm working on. [link] . Your Rainbow is on the far left, I just have to pick up her tail from my friend tomorrow (there's an explanation for that in the photo description), and then take a bunch of pictures of her.

I hope you're okay with the wing style. I decided to pleat the fabric rather than top-stitch it in order to give the wings that layered feather look.
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